Author Denise Deegan reviews the course "Writing a Feature Film 2018"
Denise Deegan

Author Denise Deegan attended my Writing Feature Films course, because she was working on adapting one of her novels for the screen. “It was amazing, in so many ways,” she says of the course. “I think it would be good for anybody interested in writing a script for a feature length film. It really helps focus on getting the project done.”  

Author Denise Deegan reviews the course "Writing a Feature Film 2018"
Rob Webster

Actor, playwright, screen writer and director, Rob Webster had lots of new ideas for TV dramas, but was looking for a course that could help set him on the right track. “Eilish came very highly recommended,” he says. “I found her class to be really informative. She’s got a deep knowledge of the industry, so it’s really helpful to see how things work from development to commissioning.”

Grace Cotter

Grace is a film editor who took the course to try and get to grips with a comedy/drama script she is working on. “This course is just perfect for anyone who’s doing either drama or comedy,” she says. “With everybody in the class that you meet, and what you do each week, it gives you motivation to write. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Author Denise Deegan reviews the course "Writing a Feature Film 2018"
Terri Donaghy

Terri is a TV fan and a creative writer who came to the course to learn more about the mechanics of writing for television. “The teaching was great and I learned absolutely loads,” she says. “I picked up a lot from the other classmates and the in-class discussions, and I would recommend the course for anyone who’s thinking about it.”

About Eilish:

As a consultant Eilish Kent helps programme makers and writers clarify their ideas. For many years she worked in RTÉ commissioning, developing and managing numerous TV Drama and Comedy series onto screen.



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